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Website Analysis - Why is it Important for You?

Performing website analysis time-to-time not only proves helpful to the search engines, but also to the users, as it helps to get a website analysis report. Having any sort of technical error in a website can affect its viewership, which in turn can bring down the ranking of the website.

This is not good for the website, the website owner wishes to trade fairly in the business of online marketing. By understanding the minute aspects of checking a website, it can be made to run smoothly.

Website Analysis

What is Website Analysis for SEO and Why is It So Important? 

Analysis of various websites done for the purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) proves extremely useful for the optimizers.

In fact, it is an important aspect of a scheduled SEO campaign that helps to find out the actual working status of a website. In case, if any loopholes are found out, they are repaired by implementing various methods of optimization. By performing website traffic analysis in a proper way, all the visitors of a website, new visitors, exact ranking of a page over the results of various search engines, etc can be counted.

Besides, one can also find out the exact sources of the visitors.

For example, whether they come from the usage of inbound links or directly through the search engines can be found without difficulty. 

What is Website Content Analysis? 

Analysis of web content acts as an ideal tool that helps to allocate comprehensive arbitrary Boolean amalgamation of various keywords as well as phrases. Besides, it helps to have the actual count of the hits concerning the words and phrases that gets used over the web.

However, the hits count given by various search engines can differ, and depends largely upon the exact number of hits that gets displayed as per the request.

To have more reliable results, making use of search engines that helps to have consistent hit counts proves helpful. For example, Yahoo search engine. Besides this, application of competitive analysis of websites can help to derive more beneficial results. 

Benefits of Website Competitive Analysis

1. Doing practical analysis of websites helps to identify the products or the services offered by the competitor of the client. Crafting an exclusive market offering can be enhanced by making desired improvements. 

2. Conducting the competitive analysis helps to find out whether the competitors have been offering more novel and high-quality things in a trendy way. Also, the prices at which the services offered by the competitor can be found out as per the geographical distribution. 

3. Finding weaknesses of the competitors becomes possible, which in turn helps to build up a good defense. 

4. Correct competitive analysis helps to find out various ways of improving a website. 

5. Defining ones unique value proposition becomes probable, which helps to set apart from the competitors. 

At-times, website analysis tools can be used.

Some handy tools that can be used by optimizers for website analysis to check the reputation of their websites, statistics, exact ranking status and feeds are as under: Alexa, BizShark, BuiltWith, Compete, Dataopedia, Feedcompare, Quarkbase, Quantcast,, Website Grader, etc.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog

You came up with a killer idea for your blog. You registered a domain name, set up your blog, and then you waited…and you waited some more. Only a few people came to your blog, and those people didn't come back. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Make a few changes to your blog that will help you get and keep traffic.

Girl Reading Blog
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