Monday, 10 September 2012

Top 3 Free Domain Registration Services

Are looking about how you can set up your own website for free? Yes? And you came to know about these well known free domain registration services, right? But right before jumping into one of them, here is something that you should read about them first...
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Recently one of my friends who owns a well known blog on blogger platform decided to move to WordPress and that too at zero cost. 'Zero cost', he decided after he came to know about some free domain registration services. I am going to tell about the said-so 'best' services and one of them, my friend accepted. After creating a WordPress blog at a domain registered at , he worked on that blog for weeks, but he never his blog indexed at Google. Anyone would get worried about their success if something like this would happen. And so while searching for a solution for him, I found that Google had banned all domains from their index...

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That's right. It was good that he had not moved his blog from blogger to WordPress at that domain or it would have been a waste. So here in this article, I am going to tell about the top 3 free domain registration services and how they are like drowning yourself in water.

1. CO.CC

This one is the most well known free domain provider but now it has been banned from Google and not a single site on this domain gets itself indexed in Google, that means no site using such domain service gets visitors from Google. This measure was taken by Google because there were innumerable spamming sites build using this free service. This created a lot of spam load in Google's index and so it decided to completely remove them. Millions of site were affected. This service cannot be considered a scam, but it is still a waste of time.

2. CZ.CC

Very similar to, this one also got itself banned from Google due to large number of spam. Can't be considered a scam, but this free service is a waste now.


Now this 'one' service CAN be considered a scam. There are large number of complains regarding this service as scam on the net. Just search ' domain scam' and see yourself. Actually is a parking scam. It provides you free domain registration and once when your site starts getting some good amount of traffic and gets polular, takes away your domain and redirects it to Sedo Parking, and you can do nothing about it.

Even if you find any other free domain registration service, be sure that it is not going to be of any benefit. All the free domain providers like the mentioned above are actually a single domain who provide sub-domains for free and so actually you have no ownership over the domains provided. That is why all sites made on such domains have names like,, and similar ones. So never ever fall in such traps. If you really want to create a site or blog, then either use free blogging platforms or if you want to host them on your own domain, then buy it...