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3 Step Ladder To Publicize Your Blog And Drive Traffic To It

Have you just started a new blog by any chance? Then you would be struggling to get your blog noticed, right?

I have said this fact earlier too and I will repeat it here that just creating a brand new blog doesn't mean that strangers will start stumbling on your blog!

Unless you show your new blog to the world and promote it the proper way, you won't be getting any eyeballs focused on your blog, no matter how unique and creative it is.
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I bet if you are struggling to get a few daily visitors to your new blog, it is solely because you didn't pay attention to publicizing your blog. You are not aware of its importance and you don't work on a blog promotion strategy- a proper strategy to be more precise.

What Is The Need To Promote My Blog? I Will Get Traffic From Google, Right?


Getting traffic to your blog from search engines is something that takes a long time. And a really really long time sometimes. To get traffic from search engines, you need to rank high on them, and this requires at least some intermediate skills.

So don't expect Google to flood your site right from the first week of starting your blog.

If you are building a blog from scratch, it would take at least a month or so for your blog to get indexed in popular search engines like Google and after that, some day you would start getting a few visitors to your blog from them.

And slowly and steady you would start getting lots of visitors from search engines. But never from the first day itself!

So what should I do to drive lots of traffic to my blog?

You need to plan an effective blogging strategy which starts right from publicizing your blog.

Here I will discuss my 3 step ladder that I used with this blog to drive traffic to it.

Ladder To Success

The first step to this ladder is...

Step 1: Spreading The Word About Your Blog

If you have just started a new blog, chances are that nobody would be aware of its existence. And as I said before, you CAN'T rely on search engines to bring the first few visitors to your blog.

The first step to driving lots of traffic is to bring small traffic. And you will be getting this first traffic from your online as well as offline friends.
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So the first step to drive traffic to your blog would be to publicize it. You must spread the word about your new blog to your online as well as offline friends.

Share about your latest blog on your social networks with your online friends and tell them to have a look at it. It would be better if you share about your new blog with some of your friends who are already bloggers and who would like to connect to your blog.

My case - I have a few blogger friends at Facebook and Google+, so when I started this blog, I requested them to have a look at it. Some of them liked my blog especially and now they are my regular readers. And at the same time I am their regular reader too!

I got about 10-50 of my first few daily visitors in this way.

Pro tip - Connect to other bloggers of the same niche on social networking sites specially Facebook and Google+. You can share about your new blog there and get your first few visitors easily. Just by sharing your latest blog posts, you can get little to much traffic to your blog right from the first day depending on your social presence.

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Step 2: Social Publicity - Forcing The Same Visitors To Come Again!

Now that 100s of people know about your blog, you would like them to visit again and again and again. Right? 

You want them to become your regular readers, right? 

To make your first time visitors come again and again, you need to build a strong social presence. You need to inform your friends and other first time visitors whenever something new gets published at your blog.

Social networks

You can’t actually force your first timers to come back again but you can give them a solid reason to. 

When I started getting some few visitors daily, I started focusing on giving them a reason to come again and a medium to connect to my blog.

That is how I got a few regular readers.

I made a Facebook and Google+ page for my blog and also started sharing my latest posts on twitter. As a result, those people who were interested in my blog’s content connected themselves to the social pages of my blog and then they would receive a notification whenever I posted something new at my blog. 

One more method other than social networks is the use of email subcribtions. 

I use feedburner to manage my email subscribers. They get an email delivered to their inbox about the latest updates of my blog. 

Slowly and steadily, I was able to publicize my blog to a good extend and establish a small readership of 200-250 daily visitors.

Pro tip – Build and manage a Facebook,Google+, Twitter and Pinterest page for your blog. Also build an email list. Give your first visitors a medium and a reason to stay connected to your blog. 

Step 3: Search Engine Publicity - Bringing new visitors from Search Engines… Time To Learn About SEO

After you start getting some daily visitors which mainly consist of your online friends and other bloggers, now is the time to start bringing some more traffic full of new visitors from… none other than… search engines! 

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others can prove to be a major source of traffic for any growing blog.

But getting traffic from search engines is not that easy.. Remember, I would never say it is difficult either!

studying girl

You might know that those search engines are not handled solely by humans. Because with millions and millions of sites all over the internet, it is just impossible! So the major work of managing all those sites are done by bots (robots or you can say super computers). 

They visit your site automatically, regularly and during each visit, they scan your content and decide whether it is good and informative or not. Not only content, but they also scan through your site’s design and layout to determine the quality of your website. 

Now it might be easy to impress a human visitor with your good writing skills and important information, but to impress a search engine bot… you need to optimize your blog for them. 

And this is what SEO – Search Engine Optimization is all about. 

If you don’t have any idea about SEO and how to practice it, then don’t worry.

Read this article which is all about the basics of SEO: What is SEO?

Pro tip – You can also read some e-books about ‘SEO and how to practice it’ to increase your knowledge of SEO. 

Here comes the top of this ladder!

Now these 3 steps continue forever like an infinite loop.


You get new visitors from search engines, you make them stay, you publicize your blog better, more visitors, again you make them stay connected...and so on.


Let us have a quick look at what we discussed here. 

Here is the 3 step ladder that I used to publicize my blog and to drive traffic to it

I told about my blog to my friends and other bloggers – I made social profiles and an email list so that those friends stay connected – I used search engines to drive more traffic in the form of interested people to my blog and expand my blog’s readership. 

How do you publicize your blog and drive traffic to it? 

Which kind of strategy are you using to expand your blog’s readership? Any ladder similar to mine? 

Do comment and share with us!

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